Let me tell you how this all came to be… but before I do here’s why you should listen to every word I have to say:
I’m a nationally certified longevity lifestyle extension specialist and fitness personal trainer. I’ve been involved in virtually all aspects of fitness since 1984. I’ve been called a fitness / health guru – I hate the idea of being a guru. I have also been dubbed the body transformation expert’ (that I can deal with).
I’ve have been a consultant to doctors, athletic organizations, producers, studio heads and corporate executives. And I’ve even trained everyday folks who are just as busy and want fast, permanent results just like the models, producers and corporate execs  in the D.M.V. (District Of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) area..
Not only  can we help you regain strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance but your improvement in your overall health is a side effect of our philosophy.  We have also implemented nutritional programs that greatly improved the general health of  our clients who followed  our suggestions. Many of our clients after joining our program have lowered their dependency on prescription drugs by their doctors which they were on for years prior to becoming a part of our program.
I understand that you don’t have much time and that’s why I’ve created a program to get you in and out and give you fast lasting fat loss and body toning results. After you have gotten the results you want, the program can still be very effective even after you have moved on.
I’ve even coached and consulted with hundreds of personal trainers so I guess that makes me the trainer’s trainer.
But I’m not telling you any of this to impress you. I’m telling you this to impress upon you that I know what it takes to get you toned, strong, fit and healthy and that you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for fluff free workout solutions that deliver real world results that you can use while actually living the life you always dreamt of…
We are selective about the clients we accept into the program and admit that the client is responsible for showing up with a positive attitude toward instruction. If they participate fully following the guidance of our transformation specialist the obstacles that are part of their present day lifestyle will become more manageable.
Check this out…


I have a Point of View.
Our clients engage me because I am committed to showing them what’s important when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle within their current environment.
Ordinary workouts are no longer an option.

I am allied with my clients. I inspire them to think smarter, implement simpler and make better choices.
I have a relentless desire to pursue novelty in what I do and how I do it. This allows me to learn faster and adapt movements much easier to your current ability and to your outdoor environment and lifestyle.

I operate a No-Spin Zone.
In the fitness world it seems that, Conventional Wisdom is neither conventional, nor is it wisdom, and Common Sense is rarely Common Practice. If fitness enthusiasts in their industry are more interested in protecting Status Quo, than in taking the hard road, I will not hesitate to stand up and take the unpopular stance. My primary objective is to preserve and improve my client’s health and wellness.
I am unique. I have Rules & Values that are not negotiable:

Rule of Fun
I believe that we tend to take ourselves and our work too seriously. Work should be serious fun.

Rule of Family
My family is more important than you and I expect your family to be more important than me. This means there may be times where we must choose between work and family.
Let’s choose family..

Rule of Mutual Respect
I am not working for you. I am working with you, therefore we treat each other equally and with respect.

Rule of No Slacks or Polo Shirts
I do not wear slacks or polo shirts. Shorts and t- shirts are the apparel for my services..

Rule of Value
My fees are not based on time nor travel. They are based on the ultimate value of my participation in assisting you in achieving your goals, as well as my own unique experiences, insights, knowledge and education.


The Renegade Core Fitness Longevity Lifestyle Extension Regime Creed

We Believe:

We believe that complete balance stems from our ability to harmonize all the opposing forces in our life. And our bodies come completely equipped for such a task. That our bodies are our most glorious possessions: that health is the foundation of our wealth and our greatest asset; that every influence which interferes with the attainment of superb , buoyant health should be recognized as a menace.

We maintain that weakness is truly a crime ; that sickness is the penalty of violated health laws; that every man can be a vigorous vital specimen of masculinity; that every woman can be splendidly strong , well poised specimen of femininity:




FIRST: Pure air and sunlight whenever obtainable; through ventilation of living spaces and outdoor experiences.

SECOND: Wholesome diet of vital real natural foods, well masticated, eaten only as nature dictates (of a) (for our) normal appetite; frequent fasting of a day or two if needed.

THIRD: Reasonable regular use of the muscular system engaging the movement of the entire body through the natural sequence of walking, running, climbing, jumping, lifting, throwing, lunging, swimming, quad-motion, twisting, all with balance and adaptation of our natural primal skills to our current environment in a seamless effortless flow.

FOURTH: Thorough re-energizing of your system, which requires frequent baths- cold baths for a rejuvenation , hot baths for cleanliness- through dry friction with the open hands, brush or towel is also valuable.

FIFTH: Internal cleanliness and detoxification, which is a matter of regular and thorough elimination.

SIXTH: Abundant sleep, measured in depth or quality as well as duration. The power of deep sleep being dependent upon sufficient exercise and healthful habits.

SEVENTH : Right mental attitude ; thinking is a powerful factor in maintaining vital health, and can be constructive or destructive. The mind can build you up or tear you down.

EIGHTH: Only applying products that mother nature developed on our skins as nourishment and moisturizers.

NINTH: Development of joint strength through ligament stability, tendon elasticity, muscle flexibility and growth under the implementation of positive primal stress.

TENTH: Proper hydration of our bodies and cells with clean water containing a balance of electrolytes that is suited for our size, activity level and performance.

Longevity Lifestyle Extension Regime Benefits

The Renegade Core Fitness Longevity Lifestyle Extension Regime provides the highest quality, of mental personalized reprogramming, of your health and fitness with emphasis on creating a natural environment anywhere you go. Preserving your health and improving your performance while aging.
We focus on the intricate development of balance between strength, flexibility, endurance, power, speed, coordination, resilience and agility. Regardless of your shape, size, age, and abilities. Which in turn produces the optimum delivery of the task regardless of the environment.
While the world around us has changed our genetics haven’t…
You know……living longer is terrific, but living pain-free through natural movement, and independence, is what true living is all about.

Body screenings to monitor your progress

Provide supplementation and proper hydration for detoxification

Equip you with the knowledge to develop better eating habits,regardless of the social environment

Test for your blood work to chart what your levels are for nutrients and how to boost them not just to prevent the threat of a disease but for vibrant health.

Be able to compete with peers, friends and family members 10 to 15 years younger than you with a youthful appearance and body structure

Learn the proper techniques that will help you develop balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, power and agility.

Develop awareness about your posture and your body’s positioning through movement.

Learn techniques to develop razor sharp definition, strengthening your core inside and out

Developing steps that will lead to finding the motivation to reach your goals are addressed throughout every workout

Increase your body’s immunity and improve your energy level, which will increase your sex drive

Guide you through the maze of information on what is and what is not nutritious help you make the best choices with the options that you have

Boost your self esteem